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GlutenTox Home Detection Kit

GlutenTox Home is the user-friendly test kit that lets you test for gluten contamination in your home in minutes.  Effective on foods, beverages, and even cosmetics and personal care products, this gluten test kit requires no special equipment and provides clear results.

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GlutenTox Home

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What makes GlutenTox Home Kits the Best?

The G12 antibody found exclusively in GlutenTox detects the most toxic fragment of the gluten molecule, the 33 mer peptide. It recognizes gluten contamination from wheat, rye, barley and even oat.

  • Can detect as little as 5ppm gluten.
  • Choose the sensitivity of each gluten test depending on your personal needs: 20ppm or 5ppm.
  • Designed for the home user; everything is included in the kit.
  • Quick response: a reliable answer in less than 20 minutes.
  • Each kit includes 5 tests with full instructions.
  • Test for gluten in foods, liquids and surfaces.
  • Now offered in two sizes
  •  The small  kit includes 2 tests with full instructions, perfect for occasional use
  • The large kit includes 5 tests with full instructions, preferred by those looking test more often
  • Test for gluten in foods, liquids and surfaces.

Product Description

How GlutenTox Home Works

  • GlutenTox Home is the only kit containing the G12 antibody that works to detect a portion of the gluten protein identified in studies as the primary cause of the inflammatory response to gluten in celiac patients. (the 33-mer peptide of the alpha-gliadin molecule) published in the journal Science.
  • The G12 antibody located inside the test strip recognizes gluten in wheat, barley, rye and oats
  • It is also uniquely well-suited to detecting gluten in hydrolyzed, fermented, or otherwise processed foods
  • Other testing kits can miss this toxic portion of the protein in processed foods
  • With G12, the GlutenTox kit is more sensitive in its detection of the most important portion of the gliadin molecule, thus making it a superior way for celiac patients to take the guesswork out of gluten detection in the home

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